Evidence for Policy

We highlight findings for policy based on research evaluations conducted by members of the Mind & Behaviour Research Group with a behavioural and/or psychological focus. These posts are not formal systematic reviews, but aim to summarise recent evidence from low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) for use in policy. When possible, authors note areas where there are gaps in the literature and aim to draw from multiple research evaluations with the intention to draw measured takeaways to aid policy decisions on a particular topic.

If you are a policymaker looking for more information on a specific brief listed, please contact mbrg@bsg.ox.ac.uk.

Evidence reviews: Implementing Social Protection Measures

The prominent role of social protection during the COVID-19 pandemic has opened the door for a reappraisal of existing programmes, globally. In the aftermath of the crisis, urgent priority should be the development of effective and sustainable social protection systems; these should aim to cover as much of the working population as possible. Workers who were not covered by existing social protection schemes, particularly informal workers, have suffered disproportionately and this highlights the need to extend social protection coverage. 

The MBRG team have been working with policymakers to learn how to rebuild social protection programmes after the pandemic. We provided key learnings based on reviews of the latest literature from LMIC contexts. In these two studies, we seek to share these learnings and support policy makers in implementing social protection following on from the disruption.

Designing Social Protection to Improve Employment, Earnings, and Productivity