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Cost-effective labour market intervention toolkit adopted by UNDP Accelerator Lab Gambia to support young work-seekers impacted by COVID-19

The UNDP Accelerator Lab in The Gambia is launching an exciting new soft skills training programme for young people who have lost their jobs because of COVID-19. The program will be adopting a labour market intervention developed by Carranza, Garlick, Orkin and Rankin (2020) to reduce labour market friction between prospective employers and young work-seekers.

Can Migration Patterns Help Predict COVID Outbreaks in South Asia?

The lockdown in South Asia has led to mass migration of people back to their home towns and villages as the work opportunities in urban centres shrink. Researchers discuss the public health risk this poses to rural areas. 

Social Protection Response to the COVID-19 Crisis: Country Options

François Gerard, Clément Imbert and Kate Orkin argue that by using a broader patchwork of solutions than higher-income countries, low-income and middle-income countries can cast an emergency safety net with extensive coverage. 

Research Evaluation Instruments

The Mind & Behaviour Research Group is dedicated to providing tested trial interventions to the public. All instruments used in completed projects are archived here. This includes all qualitative and quantitative instruments used like questionnaires, training manuals, and other intervention materials. 


Cash and Aspirational Video Trial in Kenya

View all questionnaires used in Kenya trial on aspirational videos paired with cash transfers.